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4 Essington Court
Mulgrave VIC 3170

FiltaFry was established in Australia in 1998 and we are Australia’s number 1 deep fryer and cooking oil specialist.

Our unique cooking oil filtration machine is the most effective in Australia and regular filtration of your cooking oil will significantly extend the life of your oil and reduce your cooking oil costs.

FiltaFry provides an on-site cooking oil filtration service which extends the useable life of cooking oil by removing all suspended particles and other unwanted contaminants such as carbons, minimising chemical breakdown. Our service enables the customer to reduce overall operation costs, whilst significantly improving the quality of the fried food.

FiltaFry utilises world exclusive technology developed in the UK for FiltaFry franchisees only. Our Unique technology enables our franchisees to provide a clean and effective means of servicing deep fryers to a world class standard.

No chemicals or powders are used during the filtration process and the deep fryers are cleaned using a specially formulated food grade degreaser.

The process of filtration takes approximately 9-10 minutes per fryer. The total capacity of our machine at any one time is 80 litres.

Whilst the cooking oil is undergoing filtration within the machine, our operator will professionally and hygienically clean each deep fryer removing all built up carbons and debris. Remaining carbons are completely removed via a special vacuum system before the filtered oil is returned back to the deep fryer.

We have a range of top quality oils suitable for deep frying at very competitive prices and we will also dispose of your waste cooking oil at no charge through an EPA accredited waste oil disposal service.

We also provide a professional range hood filter and canopy cleaning service.